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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Johnson Trade a NO GO

Well it looks like Depodesta got cold feet at the last minute. I think not making the trade was a very smart decision on his part. They were getting a pitcher who last year did not look like the same pitcher he was in Montreal. Maybe the innings abuse on his arm has finally caught up, maybe it was pitching in New York or maybe he just had a bad second half(it does happen). Also Navarro is not the highest rated catching prospect in the book. I can't comment on Duncan as I don't know much about him. Getting Koplove is a good addition to any pen, but by trading Yancy for him defeats the purpose of getting him. Even though Penny has had arm problems in the past, I think he will rebound nicely next season. Dumping Green's contract and getting Ishii off the roster might have been positives, but Green is not killing the team and Ishii if he could ever learn to stop walking people might be a useful pitcher.

In the end Depodesta decided that this was a trade that was not going to generally improve the team and I agree.


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