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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cubs Update: 2b, Starting Pitcher.

The Cubs have been speculated to be leaning towards Jerry Hairston Jr. as starting 2b this season. I had been stating I was hoping Todd Walker would be starting 2b, but I also like the reasoning of why the Cubs are leaning towards Hairston, better defense. If Hairston can put up average numbers offensively this season, then it might actually be worth the gain defensively to start him over Walker.

The pitching situation:

The Cubs starting rotation now looks very weak, Carlos Zambrano, Greg Maddux, Glendon Rusch, and Jerome Williams. After Zambrano and Maddux neither of the other guys should be in a rotation for a team that wants to have any viable shot at the playoffs. I know the Cubs wish that either Wood or Miller would be able to be a starter, but neither are likely in the near future. If Rusch keeps pitching the way he has I think it might be better for the Cubs to go with a rotation that would include 2 or the following 3: Jae Kuk Ryu, Rich Hill, or Angel Guzman.

Angel Guzman in today’s game battled control problems in 3 innings pitched. He gave up 1 hit, 2 runs, 3 walks and 1 strikeout. Though it is a better performance for him than his past appearances, he will need to show better command if he wants to start while Prior is on the DL.

Rich Hill today was unhittable, but like Guzman had some wildness. In 3 innings Hill didn’t allow a run, walked 3 and struck out 5. I am sure Rich Hill is pleased of his performance compared to his last few as today he did not allow any 0-2 hits.


  • Bottom line Jim Hendry needs to acquire a quality starting pitcher if there is one to be had. He is so far wrapped around getting rid of Todd Walker that remains his priority. And getting Matos in exchange is crazy, but that is Jim Hendry. Talk is that the Walker/Matos deal is a part of the big picture in acquiring Soriano from Washington, will Soriano pitch instead of play the outfield.

    By Blogger Jerry, at 8:08 PM  

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