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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good-Bye Wellemeyer

The Cubs traded Todd Wellemeyer to the Florida Marlins today (this is getting to be a very common occurence) for 2 pitchers, righty Lincoln Holdzkom and lefty Zach McCormack.
Lincoln last season was recovering from Tommy-John Surgery and according to Mike Berardino of Baseball America, he was topping out at 94 mph last year (about 3 less than before the surgery). Zach McCormack hasn't put up any real decent numbers besides k/9, but even that has gone down each season since his first year.

Earlier I might have thought this trade was for making a spot on the 40-man roster (since neither Lincoln nor Zach need to be on 40-man roster) for Marquis Grissom, but he retired today, so my theory for this trade was to open a spot to put Wade Miller on the 40-man roster.


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