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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A few things

First I was talking to a Cub fan at the dog park yesterday and he was saying that he still thinks that there is a chance for the Cubs to make the Wild Card. While they are not officially eliminated, let me say they won't finish anywhere near the WC when the season is done. Not only are they injured, I am not sure they could catch up uninjured. Saying that, let me say I am very impressed with the Cubs play since All-Star break. They have played much better baseball and while they have made some mistakes, their record since the break shows their improvement.

Last night's game was awesome. Can't ask for much more, 18 innings and a win, maybe it should count as 2 victories since it was the length of 2 games. I can't believe that the Cubs actually pulled it out, after looking very close to losing it in the bottom of the 10th inning. The bullpen was superb after Wuertz and Ohman lost the lead. I also want to say that I agree with Baker for taking out Mateo, as Clemens is a little bit of a hot head at times and there is no reason getting your pitcher hit by a pitch from Clemens (though I also don't think Theriot deserved to be hit). Maybe this game will have Dusty thinking twice before benching Matt Murton, who has been on a tear since break and should not being platooned with anyone currently.

Ryan O'Malley started today, and I missed him pitch,but he got the 1-0 victory today, thanks to Michael Barrett's homer in the 6th inning. O'Malley threw a 5 hitter while walking 6 guys (don't they teach strikes in the minor leagues?), while going 8 innings for the victory in his first MLB start. Howry came in and got the save in the 9th and it was a very good thing that he didn't give up a run, as I don't think either team wanted to go to extra innings again. Good thing for Barrett's homer as the only other guy to get a hit today for the Cubs was Juan Pierre, who had 3 of them. The Cubs now have some time to rest, so hopefully the will be ready for this weekend's series verse the Cardinals.


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