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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is Phil Rogers on?

What in the world is Phil Rogers smoking and can I get some? In his column today he says 2 more years for Dusty isn’t a crazy idea? What has Dusty done well for the Cubs the last few years? This season Dusty has lost complete control of his team and clubhouse and it looks like he is even having a hard time getting the players to play at 70%. He tries to say that there are not any better options, maybe the Tribune has brainwashed Phil. I understand that Hendry has put this team together and should be axed for it, but Dusty hasn’t done any better in managing it and getting players to develop. Baker may be able to go to another city and help turn that team into a winner, but his time has come to an end in Chicago and I don’t think that a 2-year deal would do anything to benefit anyone but Dusty’s wallet.

Also at the end of the article he says the Cubs should trade Barrett and commit to “Hammering” Henry Blanco or some other defensive minded catcher. I understand Barrett has some short-comings behind the plate, but for a team that is last in offense in walks, on-base percentage, runs and slugging percentage getting rid of one of your top offensive players is just plain stupid.


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