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Friday, July 07, 2006

The End is near

The header has to do with Dusty Baker's tenure. It is looking as if Dusty may not be returning after All-Star Break and that probably is a good thing. Unfortunately the same crappy team isn't leaving with him. I have heard rumors that Chris Speier might become the new interim manager for Dusty, but I really don't think that he will be around in 2007 if he gets the interim job.
I was hoping for a while that the Cubs would go out and get Lou Pinella , but after seeing what happened in Tampa not so sure he would be right fit in Chicago. I know you are probably thinking, but the Cubs have 3x more money to spend then the D-rays actually spend, but the ownership and upper management are both run incompetently. While the Cubs may have a much higher salary, it doesn't mean that they are using it right, 2.5 million a year for Nefi Perez would have never happened in Tampa.
So who do I think the Cubs should hire? I am not too positive at moment as I think that no matter who is hired now is a lame-duck, but Dusty needs to go, if not only for a PR move for the Cub fans. If I had to put a short list together it would be: Grady Little, Lou Pinella (I know I said not so sure up above), Gene Lamont, Billy Martin (I know he is dead, but he can't do worse than Dusty) and lastly Bob Brenly (if not only to get him out of booth).


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