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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cubs-Reds Game Last night

Last night I was in Cincinatti with the family and sat in section 520 Row V seat 2, which for those that don't know is the last row in the staduim and watched the Cubs hold on to win 6-5. I am not a big fan of the Great American Ballpark, but from my seats you could see most everything. The Cubs got lucky when Kearns dropped to his knees and missed that easy pop-up and then with "Hammerin" Henry Blanco having a great offensive game. Going into the bottom of the 9th inning I looked at my sister-in-law Amy and told her the way the game looked the Cubs were going to lose 7-6. She told me that wouldn't happen (she is a Reds fan) and Ryan Dempster tried his hardest to make me a non-liar. What truly upset me was that he wasn't throwing strikes and that just can't happen, you need to throw strikes when you have a 2 run lead.

I then came home to see the Cubs 1st round draft pick Tyler Colvin hit a grand-slam to win the game for Clemson. That is always nice to see and hopefully he can prove me and the rest of the nay-sayers wrong.


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