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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cubs trade for Phil Nevin

Yippee, the Cubs went out and traded for Phil Nevin from the Texas Rangers for utility player Jerry Hairston. This trade comes a little bit late into the Derek Lee injury (about 35-40 days late), but I guess better late than never right? Well I might not go that far, 2004 was Nevin’s last semi-productive year as last year he was an albatross in both San Diego and in Texas. This season he got off to a blazing start in April, but currently has 2 hits in his last 32 at-bats, both home runs, so I guess his non-hitting is just what the Cubs need. If this trade works out, then I say Hendry should only be allowed to trade for old 1st baseman or with Pittsburgh. His track record would be 2-2 with old 1st baseman (Nevin,Karros) (Lee was young so did not qualify, but a good trade) and getting Ramirez was a great deal for the junk he gave up, but besides those moves Hendy has for the most part been pretty much worthless.

I will have to say I am glad that Hairston won’t be on bench any longer and that the Cubs are only paying Nevin about 375,000 of his monstrous 10 million dollar contract. The one suggestion I have for the Cubs is that Nevin might be useful at catcher when Barrett goes on suspended list and if Hendry was thinking of that when he made the trade kudos to him and if not well now might be the time to relay that message to Dusty.


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