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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cub thoughts

Well to my loyal readers, I was on a mini-vacation with my wife for her b-day in Florida and did not have anyway to access net, though there were a few things I wanted to write about. So here goes.

First let’s start out with a quote I have seen on from my favorite person Dusty Baker:

Baker called Sunday's four-run, ninth-inning comeback a "big confidence boost for us." Atlanta hit four home runs off Ryu, who may have been tipping his pitches.

"There's some things we picked up," Baker said of the rookie right-hander. "These are big-league hitters. There's some things he was doing. You wonder how they're hitting everything they throw up there. They saw something and we saw it, but we saw it too late. We didn't have much time to make an adjustment. “

My first question is, isn’t that the job of my other favorite coach Larry Rothschild to figure out before the game when looking at sideline session and maybe tapes from the minor leagues? If it is not his job, then please I beg anyone to tell me what his job is then?

Now to my second story I want to yap about, was in the Tribune about Jacque Jones mom confronting some fans about them yelling at her son. I don’t know what was said about Jones and I am sure it is hard for a parent to hear their child criticized, but when he is getting paid as much as he is and makes bone head plays (yeah he is hitting better) like he has been then he deserves to get yelled at.

After the incident Jacque then went on to say that "You shouldn't have to listen to that when you come to games." Well I am sorry Mr. Jones, but we are paying your salary and you are not performing the way you should, so unless we can fire you and not pay you the rest of your salary for underperforming at your job, then just shut-up and take it until you actually start earning your 3-year deal for 15 million dollar.

Also while I was away during the same game Ryu got bombed, the Cubs showed some fight and came back to tie a game in which I thought they had no chance, but to then blow it on another bonehead defensive play by Aramis in the 11th when he missed a pop-up that resulted in a 2 base error. It just shows the lapses of concentration the Cubs go through during games and needs to be addressed by the coaches.

"No excuses," Ramirez said. "I didn't see it."

Well good that he is making no excuses, but that still doesn't make it right.


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