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Friday, May 19, 2006

Managers make a big difference.

Well two days after complaining that the Cubs tried to bunt with the clean-up, the Cubs do something even more outrageous, with 2 men on losing in the 9th by 2 with 2 outs, Nefi Perez tries to lay down a bunt for a hit and was thrown out by a mile. What was he thinking? What was Dusty thinking? If Nefi was given that sign by the coach, then he should have just ignored the sign as it was a horrible call, if Nefi did that on his own, the Dusty Baker should fine his and bench him (bench him anyway, I know Aramis is hurt).

The Tigers were struggling earlier this year and Jim Leyland went on a tirade and now the team is in first. I am not saying that is what Dusty needs to do because I don't think it will work, what I am saying though is a manager makes a big difference. Leyland teams play some good fundamental baseball and usually they perform well (until his past owners then dumped players due to salary reasons). The Cubs need a coach that will teach these players fundamentals, base running and how to hustle, all which seem to be lacking this season. I also think that this season is a lost cause for the Cubs so they should probably not fire Baker this year unless they have a coach in mind to coach for more than the remaining part of season.


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