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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Just like the Cubs offense I have been on a break. I haven’t meant to be just things kept coming up and then got lazy and then the hard drive needed reformatted. So let’s talk about the Cubs.

Let's start here:

Since Derek Lee went down the Cubs look like they decided to just throw in the towel. They look like they have no energy at the plate or on the field and have now lost 8 in a row. The Cubs haven’t done a thing to replace Derek Lee besides try Restovich (who actually played RF for them) and that is it. I know it is early in the year, but there has to be something they could
have done. The Red Sox had to put Hee-Sop Choi on waivers to send him down, that would have cost the Cubs nothing but the 40-man spot Restovich had inherited. I am not saying he would have helped out tremendously, but has to be better than what has been going on. I also understand the Cubs need a guy to hit lefties and that is Choi’s problem, but I think putting Walker back at 2nd and benching Nefi and Hairston might have also helped the offense. This is a total failure on Jim Hendry's part and further goes to show that he was not deserving of that 2-year extenstion he signed earlier this year.

My thoughts so far on a few players:

Rich Hill has been a big disappointment and needs to find a 3rd pitch soon or he won’t ever make it in the majors even as a 5th starter. He throws only that slow curve and a fastball with no slider or change-up, so pretty easy for a batter to figure what he is going to throw. Maybe he needs to go back down and just concentrate on working on that third pitch.

Juan Pierre a guy who I was never high on in the first place, has sucked offensively. He has not hit and worst of all he walks as much as Patterson did. I think the Cubs future would be better off with Patterson on the team, just for the fact that we would have some pitching prospects still instead of dumping them for what is sure to be a 1-yr rental now. Hopefully his offense will come around, but I am not counting on it.

Jacque Jones has not produced for the Cubs much this year, but on the bright side to that, Jeromy Burnitz has been much worse. While Jones started off poorly since April 28 he has produced enough to where he is not a complete loss offensively (not saying he has been doing good either.

Nefi Perez has reverted back to his old self and is batting a massive .184/.216/.224, I just want to hear from all of you guys that last year were all over Nefi. This is the real Nefi and he is almost making Jose Macias look attractive, at least Macias wasn’t owed 5 million dollars over next 2 years.


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