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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some thoughts on moves Cubs should make.

The Cubs need to send down pitchers Will Ohman and David Aardsma and call up Rich Hill and sign a body off the free agent pile or acquire a cheap replacement and place Mark Prior on the 60 day DL. Then insert Hill into rotation and put Rusch back into pen as swing man. Or they can just put Williams back in the pen and keep Rusch in the rotation. I am not high on either of the pitchers, but it all depends if the Cubs want 2 lefties in the rotation or not. This then lets Ohman work out his problems down in the minors and also lets Aardsma get some more innings in as he has been getting hit hard since being recalled.
I wish I had a list in front of me who was available as free agents, I know Jose Macias is one, but by no means do I want him back. I know Erubiel Durazo and Carlos Pena were free agents a little while ago, but both had been signed to minor league deals as of a couple days ago. Maybe the Cubs could work a deal for one of them, neither are great replacements, but Durazo not too far removed from hitting well (though his defense sucks) and Pena got hot at end of year for Detroit so maybe he could excel in a Cub uniform. Also available might be ex-Cubs Eric Hinske in Toronto or Hee Seop Choi in Boston (though he is on the DL at the moment, but rehabbing in Pawtucket). I wouldn’t mind seeing Choi back in Wrigley field as the fans liked rooting for him and I still think he become a usable 1st baseman.


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