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Friday, April 21, 2006

Steroids in baseball: Should ESPN shoulder some blame?

Why doesn't anyone ever come out and put some of the blame of steroids in baseball on ESPN? And if they have put some blame there, then why hasn’t more of a fuss been made about it? Now I am not saying that ESPN went out and gave or even told these players to take steroids, but look at all the SportsCenter's and what highlights they loved to show, HOME RUNS and radar gun readings.

They were all over the McGuire and Sosa chase to beat 61 and when Bonds went on to break McGuire's record they were all over that too. Most of the highlights in the late 90's and turn of this century were home runs. It didn’t matter who hit the home runs it what was shown for highlights. At times it seemed that ESPN cared more about telling me who hit the home runs than who won the game.

Then there is what was shown about the pitchers. Unless they threw a shutout, perfect game or a no-hitter most of the highlights shown of the pitchers were mostly that of the radar gun, when they would hit 98, 99, 100 or 101 mph. How do you think some of these guys added 5 mph to their fastball over 1 year? You didn't have to be good, but as long as you threw the ball hard you could get on ESPN and some how you would get some recognition of how great your arm is.
Now I have no statistical proof, but I am willing to bet there is some correlation between the two. How many times did ESPN play the Nike commercial with Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux saying,” Chicks dig the long ball."? SportsCenter plays a big part in player’s lives and helping promote themselves and getting recognized for when their next contract up.


  • this may very well be the most idiotic argument I've ever heard. I mean, of course, who wouldn't blame a sports-broadcasting company for broadcasting sports, especially exciting instances in sports, such as home runs. Those guys should be broadcasting less exciting accomplishments, like when a player catches a routine flyball.
    This has been the worst argument I've ever read on the internet, and that's saying something

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:17 PM  

  • No, but as players got bigger and started hitting more home runs, they said nothing about it. When they show every home run and celebrate it and leave out a lot of great plays made on the field or the other ways runs scored, then I think they have some fault.

    By Blogger Greg Abcarian, at 3:10 PM  

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