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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nice start

I have been swamped the past week with work, school and then after the Cubs home opener I had to drive to Dayton, OH for my fantasy baseball draft (which I will talk about when I get back), but I am writing a brief note so people know I haven't forgotten about them.

The Cubs currently are 3-1 and besides too many errors for my liking they are doing well. I like the fact that Dusty Baker is being more aggressive on the bases (helps to have more speed) and as far as I know on opening day he even called for the squeeze play by Pierre that went foul. Matt Murton made a heck of a throw to double off a guy at first from the warning track, but seconds before he almost fell down and didn't make the catch. I hope that improves his footwork out there, but that arm looks nice. Also Derek Lee is starting off hot hitting the ball a ton into the win on Friday and then again today. I have to admit though that I didn't get to see today's games, except for highlights as I was in the middle of my baseball draft while the game was going and unfortunately no TV’s are allowed during our draft.


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