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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thoughts on Hendry

I haven’t said anything since the extension for Jim Hendry, but now I am going to say something. At the time I was not happy with the deal and nothing that has happened lately has made me change my mind (though nothing has enforced my decision either). No GM could be ready for the injury to Derek Lee, but now is the time for Hendry to show he deserved his extension. If the Cubs are to stay competitive they need to find a replacement for Lee for the next 2-3 months because I think the Cubs should prepare for the worst case scenario just to be prepared.

I have to say I am happy that soon after Hendry did sign his contract he got Lee signed to a nice extension (as I stated earlier couldn’t foresee the arm injury) and hasn’t signed Baker to an extension. Though the latter might happen, but if Hendry is smart he will wait and see what Baker and the Cubs do (and anything short of a WS appearance I think Baker shouldn’t be rehired).

Another coach I have voiced displeasure with and will again is pitching coach Larry Rothschild. The Cub’s starting rotation has been awful, minus what Greg Maddux has done as he has been superb. Zambrano hasn’t been himself, Glendon Rusch below average, Jermoe Williams not good, and Sean Marshall has done an average job The bullpen’s ERA for the most part has been decent, but as with the starters are walking too many batters which then end up leading to longer innings and then runs. Plus when a pitcher is struggling it seems that Larry always waits 2 batters too long to go to the mound and talk to the pitcher when it is obvious that the pitcher needs a minute break to gather himself.


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