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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cubs thoughts.

Now I was in class last night, but my buddy Sean informed me via message that Dusty Baker was having our clean-up hitter bunt, in the 4th inning. Now I know that the Cubs have been having a hard time scoring runs, but this is ridiculous. Hendry should have walked down to the dugout and fired him there. Thankfully, Barrett fouled off the bunt and had to swing away and ended up getting a single and moving Walker over to 3rd. I would understand bunting if this was the 9th inning and all the Cubs needed was 1 run to win the game, but in the 4th inning? This just adds on the list of things that should have Baker leaving at the end of the year, if not before.

Also I know that the Cubs needed to send down Angel Guzman but what bring up Jae Kuk Ryu instead of Wuertz? I say this because Ryu is only here to relieve until Thursday, but wouldn’t he be better off served being in Iowa and in the rotation where he can get more innings and won’t be skipped in the rotation? I also am not saying that Michael Wuertz is going to help out much more, but at least he is a reliever and being in Iowa or in Chicago not going to mess up his rotation status.

If Angel Pagan is not close to coming back to the roster anytime soon, I think the Cubs need to place him on the 60-day DL and find a OF/1b to take his place. Since they don’t trust anyone in their minor leaguers, they will have to go out and trade for one. The bench now consists of Ryan Theriot, Freddie Bynum, Neifi Perez, Henry Blanco, and Jerry Hairston which is probably one of the weakest benches in all of baseball. There is not a guy on that bench that I would trust to come in and ph at any time, and though some might have speed, they are mostly all useless and even if combined into one player, that guy would still not resemble a MLB player. This problem falls back on Jim Hendry, but since he just received a 2-year contract extension, expect to see more benches like this. Why do I say this? Look over the last few years he has been the GM of the Cubs, have they ever had a good bench?


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