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Friday, May 19, 2006

IBL: COU Cougars

Well as bad as the Cubs are, so is my IBL team the Cougars. I have not written about them all season yet, so maybe this will change my luck. Currently my team is 11-19 and does not look to be getting any better. I am not sure why they are struggling so much this season as I thought my team was even better than last year's team which won 99 games. I still can turn thing around and with my rotation of CHN Zambrano, HOU Oswalt, OAK Haren, BAL Bedard, COL Francis I am hoping things turn around. My main problem is the first 2 guys in each inning getting some kind of outs and then a hit or 2, but then another out with no runs. I have juggled my lineup a few times and each time I do it like a dummy I look to see what would have happened if I hadn't switched it up and usually it was the wrong choice. So maybe I am over coaching my team. My generic starting lineup is CHN Barrett at C, OAK Johnson 1b, CLE Belliard 2b, TB Lugo SS, DET Inge/LAN PerezA. 3b, TEX Mench LF, CHN Patterson/TB Hollins CF, SD Giles RF, DET Young/DET Ordonez DH. The batting order I usually use is Lugo SS, Belliard 2b, Giles RF, Mench LF, Young DH, Barrett C, Johnson 1b, Inge 3b, Patterson CF. I am open to anyone's suggestions for improvement. I know Patterson's bat sucks, but his defense is actually decent and batting 9th he is just like having a pitcher bat, he does a lot of bunting.


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