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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Barrett, the fight, Barbaro...

I can honestly say I have no opinion about the fight because the only thing I have seen was a picture of Barrett hitting AJ. Today I was moving a bunch of stuff out of my "office" room to make way for the upcoming baby and did not watch any TV today. Of all the days to miss TV, today was the wrong one, Barrett and AJ get into fight, Bonds ties Babe Ruth, and the favorite in the Preakness Barbaro broke his leg (this after jumping out early). First I want to say I hope that Barbaro survives surgery tomorrow and can at least live a nice life out at a farm and maybe even stud as you never want to see a horse get put down. All I will say about Bonds is I don't like him, never have cheered for him and back in 1992 in the playoffs vs. Atlanta I cheered against him and PIT in my Dorm at Dayton (in a room full of Pirate fans, go Speedy Sid Bream).
Now to Barrett, I have just finally seen the replay on ESPNNEWS and I must say that it was a cheap thing to do on Barrett's part. I am saying this also being one of his biggest fans (I liked him back in Montreal and he was a 3b/C) and my friends who know me all know how much I cheer for him "MY BOY BLUE!!!!" (from IBL Road Trip 2003, Montreal). I will say that after bowling over Barrett, AJ could have done without the close brush by of Barrett, but that still is no reason to punch him. The collision itself looks clean as can be and though the ball might not have been to Barrett yet, how was AJ to know the exact spot the ball is at when all he is trying to do is get to home plate. I think MLB will give Barrett a 10 game suspension and reduce it to 7 after the appeal, but who knows with the discipline committee baseball has.

I have one more thing to say, that is the other day I said Dusty should not be fired before the end of the year, well if he doesn't start getting control of his players and have them vent some other way besides fisticuffs, maybe they should fire him. Dusty needs to discipline his players and not just for fighting, he should discipline them for getting picked-off, missing signs, not knowing the ground rules of your home park, not knowing if the ball is live or not, stupid errors, etc. This team has no discipline or fundamentals and it doesn't look like they will be learning any anytime soon.


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