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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cubs Win. Kerry Wood arm sore.

After AJ hit the home run today it looked like Carlos Zambrano was about to lose his head and blow the game. Fortunately for the Cubs, Carlos got his cool back and pitched a decent game today. Then in the 8th inning the Cubs got lucky on the double play ball that Walker hit, but instead the relay throw went past Paul Konerko and the next batter was Barrett who hit a 3b to right-center to tie it and then Jacque Jones hit a homer to help open up a lead for the Cubs. This was a good victory for the Cubs because all wins are good victories for the Cubs.

I heard on the radio that Kerry Wood's arm is still sore and might miss his next start on Tuesday. Well if this is true, that beat my guess of how many starts before he got hurt again, which was 3. Hopefully he can pitch, but if not I am assuming that we will see either Jerome Williams back up or Glendon Rusch back in the rotation. We might see both of these players starting anyway as the Cubs sent down Rich Hill today. Hill was a major disappointment for the Cubs while up this time and might have even soured other teams on him for use of trade bait. I hope he learns more control and can get back on track, but for the moment it doesn’t look good for him.


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