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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Cub's Death Spiral

The Cubs continue their "Death Spiral" with the help of the coaching staff. I have been busy watching the World Cup and have not really had anything I wanted to write about. Yeah I know Derek Lee came back, but with or without him the Cubs still suck.
Today the Cubs are facing a lefty (the one thing Murton hits), so who is starting in LF? Phil Nevin. That makes no sense, if you won't play Murton against lefties, then Baker and the Cubs need to send him to the minors so he can re-find his swing.
The Carlos Marmol experiment should be hitting the end of the ride after Weds. I think that Carlos needs another year in the minors (so does Sean Marshall for that matter) and after he gets hammered on Weds against the Brewers, management will have no choice but to send him down to the minors.
Freddie Bynum heads to the DL as the Cubs activated Derek Lee. I actually didn't see the play that he got injured on, but from what my buddy told me didn't look to bad, but from what I read, Freddie has past problems with his shoulder and blood clots. I can only hope for him that he gets well soon.
Angel Pagan goes to AAA to continue his rehab and should hopefully be able to help the Cubs after July 4th or so. Now getting Pagan back probably won't make much difference in the win column, but having him on the bench is a better option than Mabry or Perez.
My guess for the Cubs staff to be fired if no improvement to their record is July 27th. I would do it sooner, but I have a feeling that management will allow them some extra time now that Derek Lee is back and Mark Prior (according to their theory) should be hitting stride in a start or so.


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