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Friday, June 30, 2006

Cubs Ramblings

Today the Cubs start their 2nd series verse the White Sox. My prediction is that the Cubs will win 1 of the three. Yeah I know you are thinking, "Greg, how can you think that? They should get swept." but I have a good feeling on this prediction. Though they only won 1 verse the Brewers in the last series, they actually started to show a little life as they were behind in all the games and showed some ability to try and mount comebacks (though game 1 they blew it in 9th and game 3 came up a little short). Now I am not getting any false hopes, as the groundskeepers say in Major League, "They are still shitty."

Carlos Marmol pitched very well in his last start and most likely has bought himself 2 more starts out of it, if not more if he does well. Though I still think he needs to be in the minors, he might push Sean Marshall down to minors (where he belongs) if he continues to be inconsistent. The Cubs either need to start pitching Angel Guzman or send him down to get innings in. Angel sitting in the bullpen and not pitching is not going to help him, and I am not a big fan of the pitching coach Mr. Rothschild so I don't think he is helping out Angel much. This just adds to the fuel that the Cubs management has no game plan for the team and continues to think that there is nothing wrong with that.


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