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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Phil Nevin: Traded (We hardly knew ya)

The Cubs traded Phil Nevin and cash today to the Minnesota Twins for a player to be named later. This trade is a good pickup for the Twins and now gives more opportunities to the players the Cubs call up to PH and get a few more pa's. This also clears a spot on the 40 man roster for the Cubs to activate Wade Miller who will be given a few opportunities to prove if he deserves a spot on the 40-man roster next season.

Now a few words on the Cubs. They had been playing semi respectable ball up after the all-star break until about 12 games ago, now it looks like they just have forgotten to how to play defense. Zambrano made 2 errors the other night that were just basic concentration errors and cost the Cubs the game. He is not the only one, but just the freshest in my mind. Also Dempster is going to be painful to watch over the next few seasons unless he finds his control again. The only pitch he can throw for a strike lately, is a flat fast ball down the middle.

One more month of this awful season and then we can dream of great things for next year.


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