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Friday, February 23, 2007

Cubs Tickets

I woke up today a little late and completely forgot that the evening before I went to Wrigley Field to get a wristband to get tickets for the upcoming. It hit me about 1 hour after being up and I saw a blue wristband on my left wrist. I then checked online and realized that I was less than 800 away from the number that was drawn. I then rushed to get my baby ready and we headed over to Wrigley.

I am glad to say that once again I will be going to opening day at Wrigley. It pretty much an annual tradition for me as I have missed only opening day twice since 1984 and hoping to keep going no matter where I live in the future. This year I might bring my daughter if the weather is warm enough (come on GLOBAL WARMING), but if not I haven’t figured out who I am going with, as I got 4 tickets today for it. I will bring her to some other games this year if she can't make opening day because I broke down and purchased tickets for a few other series. The series' I purchased tickets were verse the White Sox (I figure I can sell them if I can’t make it) series, 2 of the Brewers games, 1 Seattle game, and 2 games for when STL comes in town.

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