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Sunday, February 04, 2007


I haven't written about my IBL team in a while so I will write a quick note about the Chicago Cougars. Last season I finished on a good winning streak and made the playoffs only to be eliminated in the 1st round 3-1. My team's pitching did not show up for the playoffs and PHI teed off on whoever was pitching, except the game I won, which my starter Benoit threw a 1-hitter.

This off-season I have been busy trading. I traded 2 2nd round picks this year and a 3rd round pick next year to move up to the 7th spot in the draft and took PHI Cole Hamels. Starting pitching is not a need for my team, but I really like his potential and didn't think I should pass on him. Though now I am wishing that maybe I had not pulled the trigger because with one of the picks I traded I probably could draft another SP I like as much as Hamels, though not as MLB ready and I would still have another 2nd rounder to draft a good young prospect this year.
Then I was in major need of a CF to backup and platoon with Corey Patterson, so after discussing many trade opportunities and failing, I finally found one that fit my teams needs and went and pulled the trigger. I received from PAD, ARI Byrnes and PAD#3 (08) for DET Thames. Thames will have a nice card next year, but I already have plenty of left fielders and I also don't think Thames has much of a spot on Detroit's roster after disappearing to the bench during the playoffs and world series. Byrnes crushed lefties, was above average defensively and lastly adds some speed to my team, which is lacking next season.

The pick-by-pick part of draft only got through 1-19 this year, due to CRE putzing around for 3 weeks and delaying the draft. That means the rest of first round will be finished on Monday and the 2nd round done on Wednesday. I have the 2-3 pick in the draft and I am hoping to upgrade my 2b position because Ron Belliard and Todd Walker are not the way to go if you want a contender and both their futures seem pretty short now.


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