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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cubs sign Jason Marquis

According to the Tribune, the Cubs have signed Jason Marquis to a 3 year 20 Million dollar deal. While I am happy the Cubs have gone out and spent money this off-season was it really worth it? And how much have they really improved?

Jason Marquis was left off the Cardinals playoff roster for a reason and now the Cubs are going to depend on him to be in their top 4 starters, while they hope to make the playoffs? They sign Ted Lilly for 4 years and though he won 15 games last year, he loves to give up long fly balls to right handed hitters (not a good thing in Wrigley). Before that, they signed Soriano to an 8 year contract in which if he is any good after 5 years of it, I think Cub fans will be happy. They also signed Mark DeRosa, who had a career year last season (in a hitter friendly park) after being nothing but average through the previous years in his career.

So with all these upgrades, I would like to hear from everyone, what they predict the Cubs to win this year. My prediction is that with all this money spent, I still don't think they have improved greatly and will be 80-82.


  • You're ever the optimist Greg. I agree, still a losing team.

    By Anonymous Ariane, at 2:04 PM  

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