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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rule 5 draft

Today the Cubs picked Josh Hamilton from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the Rule 5 draft. I think this pick was superb. The only problem is he is being sold off to the Reds for cash. I wish the Cubs had given him a chance as I think he is a great low-risk, high-reward type player, but the good thing for Josh is that he gets to start over in a new organization.

The Cubs also lost 3 players in the rule 5 draft this year, the most of any team this year. The players were: Edward Campusano, lhp, Lincoln Holdzkom, rhp, Jason Smith, ss. Of these 3 I would say that Lincoln Holdzkom has the most chance of sticking with a team. He was acquired by the Cubs from Florida for Todd Wellemeyer last year. Now he has a chance with the Astros to make their pen.

In the minor league phase Cubs lost Richard Lewis and Andy Shipman. Lewis was a prospect for the Braves and the Cubs, but that label has worn off as he has only had 1 decent season in the minors in 5 years.

The Cubs did pick up James Henderson in the minor league draft from the Nationals.


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