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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cubs sign Soriano. What is the Tribune's angle?

Cubs sign Alfonso Soriano today to a 8 year 135 million dollar deal. My initial reaction is wow, that is a lot of money, where was that when Beltran was a free agent? My next reaction is with all this money the Cubs are spending what is the goal of the Tribune company? Are they trying to make the Cubs more enticing to sell off? Maybe the $500 million is not enough and they figure if they add a few pieces along with a well known manager, maybe they can get an extra 100-200 million dollars for the team. I know people will probably think I am loony for thinking this, but since they Tribune bought the Cubs ever since I was young, they have never made a push like this, not even after coming within 5 outs of making the World Series. Now I have no evidence of this and this is all based on pure speculation, but it is the only reason I can think of. That or Jim Hendry has become a rouge GM and is just throwing money away.

I will write more on the Soriano signing tomorrow or the day after, I need more time to let it all sink in, but I will say at the moment I am not happy with the deal. It is too long and too much money for a 30 year old guy who by the end of his contract will probably be an albatross.


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