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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Bob Brenly should not be manager in 2007 for Cubs

I don't think that Bob Brenly is the right type of manager for the Cubs for many reasons. Don't get me wrong, Bob Brenly wasn't a bad manager with the Diamondbacks and yes he did win a World Series, but he also had Schilling and Randy Johnson when they were running on all cylinders. The Cubs don't have anything close to that and while they have Carlos Zambrano for a whole season, he is no where as dominant as those 2 starters were back in 2001.
Also Bob has been in the booth with the Cubs for the last couple of seasons and while he might have become familiar with how the players can play, he also probably has upset some of them by comments. Now I usually wouldn't care about this, but I think it is just best to start from scratch and this way there is no excuses when they lose 95 games again about how the team couldn't respect Brenly all year due to what was said in booth.
Lastly, while Bob Brenly isn't the worst TV announcer, he also isn't the greatest either. So there must be some reasons why the Diamondbacks let him go and why he wasn't hired by another team since. I also know that in 2004 when he was let go, the Diamondbacks were starting to rebuild, but if he wasn't able to help there, what mode do you think the Cubs are in now?

Weds. or Thurs. I will have more on who I think should or shouldn't be the new Cub's manager.


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