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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fans getting smarter?

Last night was the season’s smallest crowd at Wrigley, 31,494, to see Ryan “call me Dumpster not” Dempster lost another game in the 9th. Maybe Cub fans are starting to get smarter and are going to decide the only way to make the Tribune improve the Cubs is if they stop going. If Cub fans stop showing up, hopefully the Tribune Company will decide to make someone pay for: not filling up the seats (especially after the expansion), not buying the souvenirs and the loss in concession stand sales. Now I am not saying root against the Cubs because that would be blasphemy and I don’t want that, but if there is a way to show displeasure, it is not showing up. The problem with not showing up this year is most of the tickets have been sold, so while they lose money in concessions, ticket sales are still going to be good. My suggestion to Cub fans is stop buying tickets in the beginning of the season until they prove worthy a team to buy the tickets. I know the problem with this is that the scalpers will buy the tickets and when/if they become good it will cost 2x the price for tickets, but the upside is that if the Cubs still suck, not only will the Tribune lose more money and have to think about reassessing their strategy about Cubs, the scalpers will lose a ton of money and maybe we can see less of them also.


  • This is the first year in many that I haven't gone to Wrigley. They're not getting my moola!

    By Anonymous Ariane, at 12:51 PM  

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