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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome to the Cellar: Additional Transactions

First I want to welcome the Chicago Cubs to the cellar. The team that started out decent after the all-star break has completely fallen apart, due to injuries and other various reasons (lack of talent maybe?). The loss to Pirates tonight was the loss that got the Cubs in the cellar. I have to admit I did not watch any of tonight’s game, but listened to the last 2 innings on the radio. The team just isn’t good and there will have to be a ton of changes this off-season. I think that the Tribune needs to start at Andy McPhail and work all the way done to the bullpen coach and fire them all.

When it didn’t look to get much worse the other night Carlos Zambrano got hurt. He is supposesively not hurt to bad as the MRI showed no structural damage. I think the team should let him rest the rest of the season, and they should also leave him off the DL. Speaking of that, why did the Cubs put Michael Barrett on DL after September 1st? If anyone knows a reason please tell me.

The Cubs lost Jerome Williams today on the waivers to the Oakland A’s. I didn’t even know he was on the waiver wire, but I guess good riddance. I thought that the Cubs might be able to get a warm body for their minors for him, but I guess not.

The Cubs also acquired Adam Harben from the Minnesota Twins today as the player to be named later in the Phil Nevin deal. According to Baseball America he was #12 on their prospect list and that he could even move up to #10 on list.


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