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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cubs update.

Wow, it has been a little while since I have written an article, and I first must say I am sorry for that. I have been swamped with the new baby and night classes for grad school have started up again. Don’t fret I haven’t abondanded the beloved Cubs.

I would like to say I hope that Glendon Rusch makes a full and healthy recovery. I know I have been against him all season and wanted him off the Cubs, but I never wanted it this way. A person’s health is nothing to wish harm on and I hope that Glendon recovers and can comeback and pitch again, just not on the Cubs.

I also want to say I hope the Lee family is doing ok and that their daughter makes a full recovery also. I don’t know fully what is wrong with her, but I do know it is serious enough for the Cubs to tell Derek to stay with his family until things get straightened out. Having my own child now, I understand the pain he is going through.

The Cubs are competing for one of the 3 worst records in the league and I think the way they are going they will finish with the 2nd worst record. They need to revamp the rotation and the middle infield before they can ever think of competing again.


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