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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Andy McPhail Resigns

Today team president Andy McPhail has resigned from the job. It is effective immediately. Taking his place for the interim period is John McDonough.

This is the perfect start for the off-season for the Chicago Cubs and I would like to thank you Mr. McPhail for realizing it was time to go. If he hadn't realized it, I am positive he would still be the president next year also.

Now hopefully they actually go out and get a person from the outside to take over as president so they have a different philosophy because this philosophy they have hasn't worked in about 100 years. Also maybe the new president would see it fit to fire Mr. Hendry and also let Dusty go (which will happen anyway) and the organization can restart from top going down. That is what this team needs, a complete purge of management and most of the current players.
One thing is for sure, the Cubs need to find a new president soon because any lingering in finding one will also lead to Hendry and even McPhail around (to help until transition over) to make more decisions and that is the one thing Cub's fans don't want.

I have an article that will be posted soon, but I wanted to write about this as soon as I heard about it.


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