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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Aramis Ramirez opts out.

Aramis Ramirez has decided to opt out of his contract and I think that might be one of the best things to happen to the Cubs. Why? Well first of all when the Cubs needed him to hit last year, he couldn’t have hit a beach ball with his bat. When the Cubs were finally practically out of the race, Aramis started to hit and inflated his stats to the point that it looks like he had a good year. At the end of April he was batting .197/.321/.394 and he hit .266/.296/.495 in the month of May. In June he started to bat a little better with .276/.325/.476, but still added with the first 2 months is a very disappointing line for a 3rd baseman. I understand in July and August he was probably one of the hottest hitters in baseball, but by then what did it matter for the Cubs? There were plenty of times he would hit a grounder or a fly ball and not even go half way down the baseline, which is inexcusable for any player playing baseball in any league, that includes T-ball.

Also what makes me mad was when the contract was signed all Aramis kept saying is that he wanted to be a Cub through the whole contract and that the option to become a free agent would not be exercised. Well now that it has I say good riddance. I know currently the best choice the Cubs have at 3b is Scott Moore, but I say why not give him a chance there. By freeing up money with the loss of Ramirez, I think that the Cubs should use that money to sign Carlos Lee for LF and move Matt Murton to RF and platoon him with Jacque Jones. Then sign Alfonzo Soriano and insert him at 2b, making Ronny Cedeno the backup IF. Then go after 2 starting pitchers, the ones I would suggest one of either Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito and then maybe a guy like Jeff Suppan to fill the role of inning eater, but also be useful in it.


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