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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cubs Sign Lilly

According to Foxsports, the Cubs have signed Ted Lilly to a 4-year 40 million dollar deal. This gives the Cubs another dependable starter in the rotation. While I think that it is probably a little on the expensive side, the way contracts are being given out to starting pitchers this off-season it is not too bad. I am just hoping that by year 3, us Cub fans aren’t moaning about having to throw Lilly out to the mound every 5th day.

The Cubs are now rumored to be going after Gil Meche to fill out the rotation. I like Meche and hope the Cubs get him as they can’t have enough starting pitching and if there is an injury to the rotation they will be prepared this year.

In other rumors the Cubs are said to be interested in Ryan Church and Kenny Lofton. I wouldn’t mind the Cubs getting either of these guys, but if getting Church means that Matt Murton will get more time on bench then I say stay away from that deal. Though I think Church would be the perfect fit for the 4th OF for the Cubs. As for Lofton, I think getting him out in CF for a season isn’t a bad stop gap as there isn’t much out there and it looks like that Soriano will be in RF and Jones either on the bench or on his way out of town.


  • Now that we have Lilly in at #2 in the rotation, how about saving the $7-8 million/year it would cost to get Gil Meche and move Dempster out of the closer role and into the #4 spot in the rotation... if this sounds stupid consider that Lilly, the "savior" of our rotation, will be our number 2 starter, despite having numbers very similar to Demp's:
    Lilly: age 30, 59W-58L, 160 games started, 4.60ERA, 7.68 K/9
    Dempster: age 29, 57W-68L, 162 Games started, 4.83ERA, 7.44 K/9
    -This is interesting because many cubs fans are ecstatic with the Lilly singing, but we seemingly already have one Lilly-type pitcher in the pen...we could in turn use that other $8 mil/year. on say... both Keith Foulke and the risky eric gange, or kenny lofton... just a thought. GO CUBS!

    By Blogger msqsigmachi, at 12:43 AM  

  • I say stay as far away frmo Keith Foulke as possible, his best days are far removed. As for Lilly being a savior, I don't think so, but he is better than what the Cubs had out there last season.

    By Blogger Greg Abcarian, at 10:44 AM  

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