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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cubs Will Win Tonight

I have been very very quiet lately, but I am going to come out and yap during the playoffs. I missed writing yesterday, but I won't miss any more days before games during the Cubs playoff run.

Last night the Cubs looked overwhelmed out there. It was almost as if they were camera-shocked. I think Big Z will shine tonight, though in his last 8 starts besides the no-no, hasn't been that good. I also think Mr. Soriano will have a much better night at the plate. Hopefully Big LOU put Fukodome lower in the order, but I do like him out in RF as he plays decent fundamental defense in right field.

The key for the Cubs, is Zambrano throwing strikes. Dempster last night couldn't get out of the fifth due to the lack of control he had out on the mound and while I know it is easy to second guess, maybe Lou should have taken him out 2 batters earlier and put in either Marshall or Marquis at that time. There is no reason to carry them if you aren't going to use them in situations that your starter is struggling.

My prediction Cubs 5 LA 3.


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