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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Who would you take 1-2-3?

If anyone is familiar with the old game Pursue the Pennant or even Strat-O-Matic leagues, then this question is for you. In a keeper simulation league who would you take number 1-2-3? In our upcoming draft Joe Mauer, Upton, David Wright, Zach Greinke , Gavin Floyd, Alex Rios, Nick Swisher, Jeremy Reed, Casey Kotchman, Dallas McPherson and Scott Kazmir, who would you take with the 1st three picks? I know one might say it depends on what the team already has, but we are saying everything equal who would you take 1-2-3?

If I were picking 1-2-3, my choices would be to take Upton-Greinke-Wright. The reason I would stay away from Mauer in the top 3 is because of his knee surgery and I am not sure he will be a catcher much longer and unless he acquires a lot more power he won't be as useful with the bat outside the catchers position. With Upton he has the most upside, but the Devil Rays need to let him play SS next year to see if he can field there or if they need to find him a new position. Greinke I think is going to be a great pitcher for years to come and when he becomes a free agent in years to come he will be a rich man. Wright reminds me of a Scott Rolen type player. He is very good with the bat, but will struggle at times while he is young, and a very solid defensive player.


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