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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cubs miss placed blame.

I guess if you are Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker you need to put the blame somewhere, so why not send down Corey Patterson and Jason Dubois. While I agree that Dubois needs to play everyday and Patterson might need to go to Iowa to get a few hitches out of his swing these are not the answers to the Cubs problems. I am happy that Matt Murton is on the fast track, but he is not going to help the Cubs get out of their 8 game skid, and I have never been high on Adam Greenberg.

A list of a few problems:

1) Dusty Baker should be fired, if Dusty had a coin that had heads on both sides, he would still call tails. This man can’t manage and should be fired soon hopefully.

2) Jim Hendry. While he has had made some nice trades for the Cubs has left this team very unprepared for regular season. They have no bullpen, they have no bench and it looks like once again they are starting to lose heart.

3) Jose Macias. Can anyone tell me why he is still on the team?

4) Nefi Perez. Ok I have been nice to Nefi all month, but it is time for him to take a permanent seat on the bench. Let Ronny Cedeno play, if he is not going to play than way do you bring him up?

5) Take pitches. This team doesn’t ever take any pitches and have an awful pitch selection. Maybe this is the hitting coach, but since we have changed hitting coaches I am going to blame it on the players and Dusty Baker who has stated in past that he is not the biggest proponent on.


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