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Thursday, June 16, 2005

What Cubs need

The Cubs have plenty of needs, but the problem is they also have plenty of injuries. This causes a problem because it puts Hendry in a tough spot, go for short term fix or long term fix. My buddy Sean says,” Flags fly forever" and as much as I agree with that statement, but I don't think the Cubs have the ability to win the World Series this year. I think it would be silly if they go out and make a bunch of moves at the moment because to change this team you have to make way too many trades and that would kill the future and I think they still would come up short.
So what do I think the Cubs should do? Well first I think they should still acquire one more reliable reliever (a good lefty preferred) this way we might be able to dump Cliff Bartosh and/or Mike Remlinger. Next they need to get a hitting coach or manager that teaches players to take more pitches. The Cubs swing at the 1st pitch way too often especially when a pitcher is showing that he is not on the top of his game the Cubs take it upon themselves to swing early in the count. Now I know some people might be thinking right away, TRADE Corey because he fits that description. It is true he strikes out a lot, but I am not one that thinks trading Corey now is smart. Look at Jason Dubois, I don't hear anyone complain about him, but look at his ratio of strikeouts, it is one time in every 3 at-bats. I think the problem is since, Baker became coach the Cubs have a mentality to swing at everything and hopefully we make contact. Then when they don't Baker says some moronic thing about his player and why he is not reaching his potential, never him or his staffs fault. Did we ever here him put down "Wave him around" Kim? No, which in a way is a good thing not undermining your coaches, but when something fails over and over again with many players, maybe it is not the players and the coaches.
Next thing they need to do is get some bench players. No team in the world is going to go anywhere with Jose Macias, Enrique Wilson, and Henry Blanco on the bench and Nefi Perez starting (who I even have to admit is having a great year for Nefi). I keep saying this in my posts and people are probably tired of it, but this is Hendry's fault for slacking on the teams bench and pen problems. I don't blame Baker for the bench and pen's short comings because he is not the one that went out and signed these players.
People say the Cubs need a leadoff hitter, but I think they have one, they just don't bat him there, why not put Todd Walker there? I know he doesn't have a ton of speed, but who cares and when does Dusty tell his players to steal anyway? One of my favorite leadoff hitters growing up played for the California Angels and had no speed, Brian Downing. He got on and then it was up to the 2-3-4 hitters to do their job. The Cubs might benefit from this and help score more runs.


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