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Monday, June 06, 2005

Just a thought.

With the Cubs finally looking like a team that won't finish under .500, maybe now Hendry should kick it into gear and now try to acquire a bat for the bench. I really like the trade he made dumping Hawkins, but that is done, now is the time to make the next move to improve the team. If the Cubs wait until the end of July they are going to be too far back to ever think about catching the Cardinals and while the wild-card spot might still be attainable, without improving the bench now it might be as attainable as it was last year (and we know how that went). The Cubs should inquire about Polanco from the Phillies as he would be a good fit for the Cubs as he could spell relief for Ramirez and Walker regularly and help rest Nefi too when needed. This then could allow the Cubs to release Enrique Wilson and I wouldn't be too upset if the Cubs dumped Jose Macias either and put Ben Grieve back on the roster to replace him. This would give the Cubs an extra lefty off the bench with Grieve and versatility with Polanco, at the same time preventing Cub fans from any further pain of watching either Wilson or Macias.


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