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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crazy idea

After watching the last few games, I have seen teams put a shift on verse Jeromy Burnitz leaving the 3rd base line wide open. Here is my crazy idea, Jeromy Burnitz should lay down a bunt every once in a while. What you say? Well Jeromy is not the fastest guy on the team, but he also is not the slowest either. Lately the 3rd baseman is playing where the SS usually plays and if Jeromy can practice his bunting (as I am sure he has not done it in a while) maybe he can catch them off guard and get a hit by bunting once in a while. Also this might lead teams to reduce their shift verse him and when he swings away he can get the ball through the gaps that would have been covered with the shift. Now I am not saying that this should become a big part of Jeromy’s arsenal, but every once in a while could be a benefit for him and the Cubs.


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