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Friday, May 13, 2005

IBL:Report 4 Weeks

Well I have just finished playing in the 4th week of our simulation league IBL (which we currently have 2 good teams open if interested send me an email) and my team is 13-10 with one game snowed out. My team is underperforming in hitting and both Oswalt and TEX Cordero struggling to get outs. I am positive that both my pitchers will start to turn around as they both have pretty decent cards and it is only a matter of time that they get better. The hitting well I am not too sure about. My buddy Chris gave me some advice, make all combinations of 3 in order and see how which ones look to compliment each other best, so I am going to try this weekend. I have tried many different combinations and different strategies, but things just haven't clicked.

A major blow to my team happened in the 1st week; I lost Mark Grudzielanek for the season. He has a major injury rating and was on deck and was hit by a broken bat, and unfortunately I rolled over 900 on the injury roll and now he out for the year. He was a key piece to my offense and had a very decent range D and to lose him for 158 games, plus playoffs (if I make it) is going to be tough to replace.


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