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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More injuries..

The Cubs this season are having their share of injuries early on. First it was Wood and Prior during camps and the first week of the season. Then Nomar tears his groin. Two days ago Wood has to leave the game after 5 innings (all I have read says just stiffness), but when it comes to injuries with their starting pitchers I have come not to believe them anymore. Then after that we get to watch Chad Fox last night blow out his arm (maybe). I was at a sports bar last night with my wife and friend Tracy watching the game and right after Chad threw that pitch you could just see the arm go limp. I feel bad for Chad as he has had 2 major surgeries on that arm and though I am positive he is finished this year, I hope he can make a comeback in future if he desires.
I want to say a few things about Nomar and his recent decision. When I read the headline he was going to have surgery I thought well his season is over, but a wise move to reduce any problems there for the future. Then I read further and saw they are not reattaching the tendon, but just cleaning out area and taking away scar tissue. I know Nomar is in contract year and yes I would love to have him on the team for the playoff run, but I think taking the course he has that he still won't be ready to help them by end of year and he is doing more harm to the Cubs than good. Why do I say that? Well if the Cubs think that he has a shot of being back for the September and October, they will stay put with Nefi at SS (who I must admit is doing a fabulous job) and not go out and trade for the SS they need. The Cubs need to get a new player ASAP so they can send down Ronny Cedeno and not impede on his development.

Patterson did not start yesterday with flu like symptoms, so if he was not well enough to start, why did Dusty put him in the game to pinch-hit? Aren't you trying to rest this guy so he gets better? I know a PH appearance might not take a ton of energy, but if Dusty was wise enough to know he was sick, he should be wise enough not to play Patterson unless it was a dire situation (which it wasn't).


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