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Monday, April 04, 2005

Ramirez signs 4 year deal

Just before the Cubs started their 1st game of the year, they inked Aramis Ramirez to a 4 year deal estimated at about 42 million dollars with a 5th option year for another 11 million dollars. The contract also gives Ramirez an out after 2 years if he wants it, but from what it sounded like from Hendry (when he was talking in booth in 2nd inning of game) it is if he elevates his game to a higher level they will renegotiate the last couple years of contract.
Overall I think this is a good deal for both sides. Ramirez is the first good 3b we have had since Bill Madlock (sorry Ron Cey) and Ramirez is very young and hopefully will only get better. This now locks down 3/5 th's of IF (including catcher) for at least the next 3 years whom all pretty young and hopefully their peak years will be soon.


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