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Monday, March 14, 2005

Cubs Starting Pitching bad news again.

Well at first Kerry Wood and the Cubs said he was fine and was only removed to be cautious. Now the Cubs are making plans "just in case" Kerry can't pitch on opening day. Well I think the answer to will he be starting opening day is, no.
Now the news is out that on Sunday Mark Prior had an MRI that revealed only inflammation of joint and irritation of ulnar nerve. This is the first I heard (did anyone else know, I'd be interested in knowing) that Mark Prior was experiencing discomfort after his last start, and it is not very encouraging. There is no word on when they expect him to start again or his future status, but once again as I have stated in earlier columns, I won't believe what the Cubs say about the status of any of their injuries.

So what does this mean for the Cubs? Well I won't read too deep into it yet and will wait and hopefully more facts come out, but it could mean a long season as I think the only chance of success this season for the Cubs depends on their starters ability to be healthy.


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