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Friday, March 11, 2005

Wood and Prior Updates

Kerry Wood has come back home to the Northside for a checkup on his shoulder. The team has said that it is only for precautionary reasons, but once again after last season hard to believe the Cubs on anything they say about injuries. According to an article on, Dr. Stephen Gryzlo diagnosed him with only inflammation of the shoulder and put him on anti-infammatories and he should start throwing again on Monday. Hopefully they are telling the truth about Kerry and everything will turn out ok and Kerry is fine by opening day.

Mark Prior started yesterday and pitched 3 innings giving up 4 hits and a walk and getting 2 k’s. This is a pretty decent start in my opinion for a pitchers first start of the spring. Prior stated that he need to work a little bit more on his curve to get more of a feeling for it.

I know the Cubs are determined that Wood is there #1 and Prior#2 guys, I think that maybe they should think about dropping them each down a spot and put Carlos Zambrano as their #1 starter. Last season he made great strides as a starter and is the most consistent and dependable starter they have. They only thing that scares me about Carlos are the huge pitch counts that Dusty Baker keeps leaving him in Carlos in the game for. Maybe a better and more dependable bullpen this season or having Larry Rothschild tell Dusty Baker to reduce the pitch counts will help out there.


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