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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Kyle Farnsworth traded

The Cubs traded Farnsworth and a PTBNL today to the Detroit Tigers for 3 minor leaguers. The players acquired pitcher Roberto Novoa, infielder Scott Moore and outfielder Clarence “Bo” Flowers. Neither Moore nor Flowers made the Tigers Top 10 on Baseball America's prospect list.

On the Q&A at Baseball America someone asked about Scott Moore and this is what was said:
Pat Caputo: Once in awhile, he will drive the ball very hard or far, but not consistently. But honestly, it's difficult to see how he was taken eighth overall in the draft. Especially as a shortstop.

Not an encouraging sign, and there was not any questions asked about Clarence Flowers which also is not too encouraging. Novoa's name came up in the session and was described as limited.

Well my take on this is that the PTBNL should not be any good as the 3 guys the Cubs received don't look to be any good. I understand that the organization had to trade Farnsworth for leaving the last day of the year, so not to be hippocrates about trading Sosa for the same reason, but I think Hendry traded Farnsworth for almost no talent. For a pitcher with the arm Farnsworth has you'd think the Cubs would get one decent prospect.

This off-season I have to give Hendry a D on his trades and fa-signings. There hasn't been a think he has done this off-season to improve the Cubs. I will write more in-depth on this later, but I have to say I am very pessimistic about 2005.


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