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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

IBL Team Update

Well this week my turn to pick finally came up at 1-18. COL Francis was still on the board and I just could not pass on him. I am trying to make the playoffs next year and he really won't be much help, but his future is very bright and with Oswalt and Zambrano at the front of the rotation, I am hoping he can slide in there in the future along with Haren (who I drafted last year). Had he not been hammered in his 1st two starts last season I am positive he would not have been around at my pick.
Then 3 picks later at 1-21 I decided to move up 6 spots by trading my 2-4 and 4-1 for 1-21 and 4-23 with PHI (who just won the CS), congrats Rusty. With that pick I drafted pitcher PIT Gonzalez to shore up my pen along with Benitez, Colome, Cordero (TEX), Cruz (OAK), Reitsma and Mateo. Picking a left-handed reliever in the first round is something I usually would never do, as I rarely use lefties and already drafted one in Francis. The reason I did it is because I did not have a reliable lefty in the pen last year and it came back and hurt my team and next season Gonzalez going to have a great card.
My major needs at the moment are: I could use 1 more front end SP, Speed, 1 more RP, a defensive leftfielder, 3rd catcher, and a switch-hitter off the bench. My problem is my next pick is not until 3-21 so I have a long time (about a month) and I won't be able to fix the SP with that pick. So I have decided to go with a 4 man rotation this season until something comes along. With the #3 pick I might look for either speed or the extra man in the pen. After that pick I own picks 4-2, 4-23, 5-5, and 6-1 which will either be used to draft the people I need or traded for players to fit my needs.


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