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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Burnitz Update

Well according to the Houston Astros have started talks with Jeromy Burnitz to take over the CF spot now that Beltran has departed. All I can say to this is I hope they sign him. This not only would eliminate any chance of him becoming a Cub, but also would help to hinder one of our competitors. If he does sign with the Astros he won't handcuff them as much as if they had signed Beltran, but you get what you pay for and signing Burnitz to start in CF is not an improvement. As I stated in an earlier column, outside of Coors field, Burnitz was not much above replacement level player. Lastly if Burnitz signs with the Astros I can still go to the games with my buddy Jack and heckle him from the bleachers without feeling bad.


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