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Monday, January 10, 2005

Beltran signs with Mets

Well the Cubs pursuit of Beltran fell way short as he agreed to a 7 year 119million deal with the Mets yesterday. Well in an earlier column I was very critical of the Cubs not going after Beltran and offering a low contract just to say they did. On that thought my opinion of why they offered him the contract has not changed, but I am glad they did not listen to me and offer him a lot more money. I do think that Beltran did get signed to a contract worth too much money and had the Cubs given him that contract they probably would not have been able to make anymore moves in the year if needed due to financial constraints. Also down the road the Cubs need to give extensions to some of their players and without this long-term contract they have much more maneuverability.
What I think Cubs need to do now for LF. Well I still think the Cubs should go out and give Magglio Ordonez a1 year incentive based contract and put him in LF. I figure if he plays 120 games out there and Kelton and Dubois both split the rest of the time off the bench it will be an adequate replacement for Alou out there next year. This also gives playing time to both or either of Kelton and Dubois which will help us determine if either can help step in for Sosa in 2006.


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