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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mark Grudzielanek

The Cardinals today went out and signed former Cub Mark Grudzielanek today. I wish him the best of luck except the times the Cardinals play the Cubs. In 2003 Mark played his heart out and was a big factor on the Cubs overall improvement. In 2004 though Mark caught the injury bug and had to miss 2 months of the season due to Achilles tendon problem. When he came back he hit righties well, but really struggled verse lefties which left him a little useless because the Cubs wanted to play Todd Walker more verse righties and Mark vs. lefties.
For the Cardinals I think he will perform admirably and end up outperforming the 2b he replaced Tony Womack. The Yankees overpaid for Womack and I am positive that his 2005 season will be on par to his 2oo3 season. A good thing for Cubs fans is that Renteria is no longer in STL and replaced with SS Eckstein whom I have never been high on.


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